Nature Park Route

Over a distance of 450 kilometres, the Nature Park Route in the Thuringian Forest connects over 120 sights and vantage points. It winds its way from Hörschel near Eisenach to Saalfeld an der Saale through wonderful landscapes and passes the Rennsteig 10 times. With the nature park route, the Thuringian Forest can be experienced in all its diversity.

The journey goes crisscross on idyllic routes - through narrow valleys interveined by babbling brooks, across wide plateaus with fragrant, colorful mountain meadows, through mysterious forests, historic towns, and rustic villages, past monumental castles and romantic palaces. Experience how climate and landscape change in a very small area - from sun-warmed, light-flooded mountain foothills through shady forests to the rugged peaks of the Rennsteig. New impressions, spectacular views, and exciting experiences await you behind every corner!

The nature park route is signposted along the entire route with the brown "Arnika" signs. Further information about the nature park route can be found at: