Ruhla – a city full of charm and potential for the future

Ruhla is an optimistic, friendly city full of charm and atmosphere. The former industrial town, which was known for its watch production, has become a modern location for the medium-sized industry. In addition, Ruhla has developed to a tourism centre with a vast variety of leisure and tourism opportunities, such as the miniature park ‘mini-a-thür’, the Watch and Clock Museum or the Rennsteig hiking trail. The villages of Thal and Kittelsthal are also parts of the municipality.

‘(The) Ruhl’, how Ruhla is called from its inhabitants, is embedded in the narrow valley ‘Erbstromtal’, surrounded by mountains with a maximal height of 700 metres. This location inspired people in the past, to build their houses high up to the mountainsides. Old half-timbered houses can be found all over the town.

The town altitudes vary from 370 metres in the north up to 530 metres in the south. Vast forests extend directly behind the houses and are perfect for a short walk on one of the many hiking trails. In 2-kilometre distance from Ruhla, the famous Thuringian ridge walk, the Rennsteig, runs along the ridge of the Thuringian Forest, offering magnificent panoramic views.
We invite you to visit the old, atmospheric hill town of Ruhla with its villages Thal and Kittelsthal.

The local tourism center, the ‘Naturpark- und Touristinformation Ruhla’ welcomes you and helps you finding the right accommodation.