Inselsberg Mountain

Großer Inselsberg Mountain with its altitude of 916 metres above sea level is one of the best known excursion destinations in Thuringia. Along the mountain peak runs the European long-distance hiking trail E3, the long distance mountain hiking trail Eisenach-Budapest (EB) and the long-distance hiking trail Rennsteig. Enjoy the beautiful 360 degree view from the tower on top of Großer Inselsberg Mountain or try the local cuisine in one of the restaurants.

More family activities are located on the nearby smaller Kleiner Inselsberg Mountain: the high ropes course “Rennsteig-Fox”, the fun ride “Wie-Flyer”, a summer toboggan run, an Adventure Playground with trampolines and many other rides.


A good starting point for a hike to the viewing tower “Carl-Alexander-Turm” is the parking lot of the park “mini-a-thür”. The circular hiking trail is about 4.5 km. Please follow the yellow circle on a white square. The tower is 21 metres high with 111 steps to overcome. If you reach the top you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view over the Thuringian Forest. In good weather it’s possible to view Rhön Mountains and even the Brocken, highest peak of the Harz National Park. The entrance to the viewing tower is free.  Enter at your own risk. There are no opening hours.

Tip: If you would like to go more than 4.5 kilometres, you can combine the tour with a hike to the viewing point Wachstein or to the famous Rennsteig hiking trail. You can visit the park “mini-a-thür” after your hike as well.

Glöckner Monument

The stone monument “Glöckner”, a piled-up group of granite boulders, is located near the Rennsteig hiking trail. In 1922 the memorial was dedicated to the members of the Rennsteig Club who fell in World War I. From top of Glöckner Monument hikers enjoy a wonderful view over the Thuringian Forest, up to Röhn Mountains. Nearby is a lovely decorated hut where you can take a nice rest with a beautiful view as well.

Mühlrainstein Mountain

Mühlrainstain Mountain

The viewing point Mühlrainstein is a crystalline butte on the granite Mühlrain Mountain. From here you can see the mountains Dornsenberg,  Breitenberg and Ringberg with the viewing tower “Carl-Alexander-Turm” on top of it.

Meisenstein Mountain

The rock edge is approximate 40 to 50 metres high and consists of porphyry. It’s a popular viewing point from which many hikers and cyclists enjoy the view over the Thuringian Forest Nature Park with Großer Inselsberg Mountain. You can reach the summit by a comfortable footpath and may use the cosy seating area for a picnic.

Gerberstein Mountain

The Gerberstein Mountain is one of the highest mountains of the Wartburgkreis district with a height of 728 metres above sea level. The granite formation has a viewing pulpit with a magnificent view over the valley and the Röhn Mountains. It is the first documented mountain in the entire ridge area of the Thuringian Forest. There was probably a castle on the mountain in past times but no remains of fortifications can be seen today.

Castle Ruins Scharfenburg

Castle Ruins Scharfenburg

The former fortress is located on a towering mountain and was first mentioned in 1137. Over many centuries it was a place of exchange and dispute for various noble families. Today the keep of the castle ruins is open for visitors. The top of the keep is a viewing platform from where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Thuringian Forest, surrounding towns, the Wartburg castle and the Hörselberg Mountains. In the entrance of the keep are information boards, with details about the history of the fortress. Ruins of the former castle walls, parts of the gate system and the moats are worth seeing as well. The castle ruins Scharfenburg can be reached by easy hiking trails or the “Scharfenberg Promenade”.


The Tempelchen which translates literally into small temple was built at the end of the 19th century. From here you`ll enjoy a beautiful view of the upper parts of Thal. The viewpoint is connected on the circular hiking trail “Ruhla-Thal-Kittelsthal”.


The viewpoint was built in 1887. After it´s destruction it´s now a wooden lookout point with a fantastic view over the city of Ruhla.

Wachstein Mountain

The Wachstein Mountain has an altitude of 496 metres above sea level. From here the hiker has a beautiful view over the small village of Mosbach.

Hörselberg Mountains

Hörselberg Mountains

The Hörselberg Mountains are a very popular destination. The cavernous shell limestone mountain is located on the northern edge of the Thuringian Forest. From here you`ll have an impressive view of the western Thuringian Forest with Inselsberg Mountain and the Erbstromtal valley. You can also explore many caves like the Tannhäuser cave or the Venus cave. In spring many orchids can be admired.

Großer Drachenstein

The Großer Drachenstein Mountain (literally Great Dragonstone Mountain) is one of the highest elevations (471 m above sea level) in the community of Wutha-Farnroda. You can take a picnic under the oak and enjoy the view over the little village of Mosbach.

Wartburg Castle

The castle was built in the second half of the 11th century and is located in the beautiful city of Eisenach. In the late middle age it was one of the most important princely courts in Europe. The castle was the residence of the St. Elisabeth of Hungary, offered exile to the reformer Martin Luther and was a centre of high-medieval poetry and minnesang. If you passed the steep ascent to the Wartburg Castle, you´ll be rewarded with a fantastic view over Eisenach, the surrounding city forest and up to the Thuringian Forest Nature Park.