Ruhla - A winter wonderland ...

Because of its altitudes from 500 to 600 metres above sea level, there are often good conditions for cross-country skiing in the outskirts of Ruhla. Therefore, guests can enjoy 15 kilometres of winter hiking trails and 10 kilometres of cross-country tracks.

The perfect starting point for any winter activity is the area “Alte Ruhl” (which literally can be translated to “the old Ruhla”) at the southern exit of Ruhla. To learn the basics of cross-country skiing, there is a circular, partly lighted, ski track and 5 ski jumping hills. Nearby is the cross-country ski area “Storchswiese” with a 2.3 km and a 5 km circular ski track. A slip road takes you to Rennsteig ski trail, Europe´s longest long-distance ski trail. In good conditions, the Rennsteig ski trail leads from Hubertushaus / Ascherbrück near Ruhla to Lehesten on a distance of 142 kilometres. There are many sportive events during the winter, which takes place around the area “Alte Ruhl” and are fun to watch and participate.

... and many more!

There are plenty things to do in Ruhla besides winter sports. The magnificent snowy landscape offers an experience for all senses. The silence in the snow-covered woods, the amazing panoramic views from one of many viewpoints and the pure, ice-cold winter air is balm for the soul. Rustic cottages, like the “Ruhlaer Skihütte” invites you to linger and warm up.

Sledding Fun

Don’t forget your sledge when you visiting Ruhla in the wintertime! Our sledding run is located in the area “Alte Ruhl”. The closest parking space nearby is “Schützenhaus”. Just walk around the restaurant “Schützenhaus” and follow the signs to the nearby sledding run.

Ski technique garden "Alte Ruhl"

Besides the 5 ski jumping hills you can learn the basics of cross-country skiing in the local ski technique garden. There are many information boards, which show, step by step, the right movement or ski pole usage. The training area, for either conventional or skating technique, has a 1.5 kilometre circular track, which is suitable for beginners.

Length: 1.5 km

Starting Point: opposite the entrance of "Ferienhaus Lichtung"

Parking: Parking lot "Schützenhaus"

Rest Point: Restaurant "Schützenhaus"

Public Transport: Closest bus stops "Ruhla Schwimmbad" or "Ruhla Spritzenhaus"

Cross-country ski track "Storchswiese"

Storchswiese Ruhla - Rennsteig

Follow the signs from the parking lot “Schützenhaus” to the ski jumping hills. Cross the road and follow the ski track towards “Storchswiese”. There you find the circular cross-country ski tracks with a length of 2.3 and 5 kilometres as well as a circular trail for the skating technique. This area is suitable for training lessons as well. A slip road takes you to the Rennsteig ski trail. You can take a rest at the snack bar “Zur Wallfahrt”, located at Schillerbuche/Glasbach.

Length: 2.3 and 5 km

Starting Point: Schützenhaus Ruhla

Parking lot: Schützenhaus

Public Transport: Closest bus stops "Ruhla Schwimmbad" or "Ruhla Spritzenhaus"

Difficulty: easy to medium